Don't care that food stamp cuts will make kids hungry? Think about the economy.

Think, Birchers as well as realize nothings and KKK and Father livecamfun Coughlin etc etc etc. And that I consider matters tend to be worse now throughout fantastic part because of in order to how our campaigns are financed. And Also they're extremely short sighted. IN the US every 30 or even 40 many years (give or perhaps take) you'll become able to map a new rise of compatible individuals gaining the amount of prominence. There is certainly zero incentive for alter since your politicians bread can be buttered through the individuals who reap the particular rewards of soaring corporate profits, soaring stock trading game and also the like. Exactly why help to make $100 million each 12 months for your next 3 decades whenever you may make a Billion this year? In the event that we quit fighting all of them within the legislatures there can come a period that the fighting is going to be brought for the streets. This requires a while to end up being able to tamp down however they have got always returned. That They do not really benefit as much from a robust economy.
This faction in which we get been fighting provides existed for as long as this country has - and also should you need to broaden the scope - probably so long as humans became "civilized". And Also in which will possibly be catastrophic regarding all.
Daily Kos: Don't care in which meals stamp cuts can make kids hungry? Think in regards for you to the economy.

At it's worst it brings on Gilded Ages - which usually I think we have now

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