AdultRev Launches Enabling Adult Content Publishers to Monetize Content More Effectively.

New Company Provides Industry-leading, Proven Monetization Solutionsfor Adult Content Owners

LAS VEGAS -- Addressing the need for new, innovative content monetization methods in the adult content industry, AdultRev officially launches today, providing adult content publishers with a way to maximize revenue from their online content, all without charging users. The Redlight Tool, AdultRev's flagship product, aggregates traditional online monetization solutions such as cost per click, cost per mille, cost per action and cost per view models into one integrated tool, allowing adult content web publishers of all sizes to generate revenues exponentially greater than those seen by monetization methods individually.

With more people searching online for adult content than ever before, the market is ripe for innovative monetization tools. Because of the abundance of adult content videos and online digital subscriptions, there is a true need in this space for premium content without a fee. The Redlight Tool is a first-of-its-kind digital content monetization tool that enables adult content owners to fill this need by providing users content at no cost, while still earning money. Unlike other display advertisements that act as background noise on a page and may not garner attention, AdultRev's Redlight Tool guarantees increased user attention by placing a virtual spotlight on the advertisement. It is the first solution to allow for the combination of all traditional monetization models possible without having to select one method over another.

AdultRev's Redlight Tool presents users with advertisements in a unique, non-intrusive fashion, enabling them to either interact with or bypass until arriving at the advertisement of their choice. The publisher has full control over how many advertisements will appear, types of advertisements, and design to ensure it Evelyn Lin is as targeted and relevant to their user as possible.

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About AdultRev

Founded in 2011, AdultRev is a premier online marketing company that specializes in digital adult content monetization. AdultRev's flagship solution is The Redlight Tool, a first-of-its-kind digital content monetization tool in the space that provides adult content owners with a monetization solution that captures the attention of the audience. On a lead to lead basis, the AdultRev platform generates exponentially greater revenues for publishers than industry leading cost per click, pay per click or cost per mille models.

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